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Good News to Get You Through the Week

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It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of negative news making headlines. However, challenging situations have also given way to inspiring acts of human kindness. Continue reading

Technology Roles Still Among the Most In-Demand

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While the coronavirus pandemic has rattled the job market in ways nobody foresaw, one thing has remained unchanged: the demand for tech talent across industries.

Over the last few decades, businesses have been slowly shifting towards the digital. Online shopping, for example, has become a staple in many American households. E-learning and video doctor consultations have grown in popularity. However, because of the coronavirus pandemic, many consumers who had previously abstained from purchasing goods and services online have gone digital as brick-and-mortar businesses remain shut.

For example, banks—which had long counted on a large segment of patrons who prefer to handle money matters in person rather than via an app or website—are suddenly needing to address a spike in demand for digital services. Many individuals see visiting a branch location as an unnecessary risk when an app is free to download on your phone. Similarly, people all over the world are having their groceries delivered and picking up household necessities curbside.

Additionally, organizations across the nation have transitioned to a fully remote workforce. This has created additional demand for telecommunications companies such as Zoom, 8×8, and Skype, as well as an increase in demand for help desk roles in many organizations.

All of these factors have combined to create additional demand for technology talent.

Data from EMSI shows that many organizations are still hiring for technology roles. Their data shows that, during the month of April, “Software Engineers” has been one of the most in-demand job titles, falling only behind roles that have seen a significant increase in demand during the coronavirus pandemic, such as registered nurses, roles in transportation (e.g., truck drivers, CDL drivers), and retail sales associates for essential retail.

Technology companies and organizations hiring for their IT departments would be wise to continue investing in their employer brand. A strong brand as a top employer will help organizations attract the best talent now and in the future. For some helpful advice on how to build a positive employer brand during the hiring process, employers can access our free eBook, Creating the Candidate Experience online.