Tips to Align Your Tech Team with Your Business Strategy

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For any business to thrive, all departments need to work together to align with the overall business strategy. One of the most crucial departments in a business today is the tech or IT department.Every business relies on technology to support their workflow and processes. In addition to relying on technology for daily operations, businesses look towards the tech team for innovation and creativity – all of which needs to be aligned with the business strategy.

The tech department has become one that contributes significantly to business goals and objectives. While the tech team can have their own objectives, it’s important to make sure that the department is working in synergy with other teams and the overall business.

Helpful Tips to Align Your Tech Team with Overall Business Strategy

Here are a few helpful tips on how you can align the tech department with the overall goals of the business.

Tip #1: Focus on the customer experience

Your customers are and should be a top priority. This is a common goal for all departments and one that should be part of the overall strategy. Once it is understood that customers are what drives the business initiatives, then the tech team can work on improving the customer journey. This goes hand in hand when working with other teams such as sales, which deals with customers directly. The sales team will use technology to converse or improve their customer’s experience. Since so much interaction is done using technology, the tech team needs to ensure that this path of communication is efficient and creates an impressive, seamless experience.

Tip #2: Create an overall alignment plan

This is an important step in deciding what the company’s important overall goals are and how they will be reached in tandem with the business strategy. The tech team will need to know what needs to be developed, updated and if changes are needed for programs and software. In order to stay aligned and efficient, define the goals and how they can be reach. Having a strong structure for your plan will help reach your goals in a more streamlined way.

Tip #3: Have regular meetings and discussions

Keeping lines of communication open is key to ensure that everything is going smoothly. If there are roadblocks or obstacles, these regular meetings will help to determine the right solution to move forward. If the tech team needs other managers to update their programs or are working on developments that will impact a department’s workflow, these changes need to be communicated. Having regular meetings is also a good way to check in with managers and other departments to make sure that everyone is working in the right direction and within the time frame of achieving the ultimate goal.

Tip #4: Encourage cross-functional interaction

At the end of the day, all departments must work together to successfully reach the business’s goals. This is an opportunity for employees in different departments to connect with each other and work together to understand how other departments work and how they can improve on collaborating in the future. Having cross-functional interaction can also result in innovation and stronger relationships among teams.

Tip #5: Transparency is key

For all teams and departments to be aligned, important decisions and strategy need to be shared. Allow for transparency during meetings and discussion so no one is left confused and unsure of what they are working on. If there are changes in budgets or timelines, this information should be passed down to all department managers so that no one wastes time or resources during the project. Allow for employees to ask questions and share their input with decisions that affect their teams. Being transparent will help efficiency and will make employees feel like their opinions matter.

Tip #6: Set monthly or quarterly targets

It’s important to measure progress and results regularly in case any changes or improvements are needed along the way. It’s common for circumstances to change or challenges to arise that can affect deadlines. This is especially important since the tech team will be at the center of how all the projects move forward. Having regular check-ins also helps other departments to see where everybody is at and how the teams are progressing towards the overall goal.

Unifying the Tech Team with Business Goals

A unified team strategizing to reach the same goal will help everyone work smarter, have happy customers and achieve the results the business desires. Finding the right strategy to pool resources and skillsets while working together is important to reach these objectives in the most efficient way.