• Contract & Temporary Services

    At Ledgent Technology, we recruit, screen and hire talented technology professionals for your contract and temporary hiring needs. We call these employees our Ambassadors as they are representatives of the Purpose and Promise of our company, positioned for success on their assignment.

    We know that when we take care of our Ambassadors, our clients benefit from a more committed, higher quality workforce. Since Ledgent Technology's inception, we've been offering leading-edge benefits for contract and temporary employees, including employer-contributed medical benefits, bonus plans, recognition programs, holiday pay, and even retirement plans. We maintain these programs to this day, and continue to add new benefits and perks as our company steadily grows.

  • Contract-to-Hire

    Experience your candidates in action before you commit.

    Contract-to-Hire allows you to test an individual's performance and culture fit before making a major hiring decision.

    Here's how it works:

    We assume the full burden of expertly recruiting, evaluating, screening, and interviewing a great IT candidate for you. Following a waiting period or completion of a fee schedule, you then have the option to convert our Ambassador into one of your own full-time employees.

  • Direct Hire Services

    Successful recruitment is not a stroke of luck. It's a science, combining people, values, and processes.

    We've developed the tools and techniques that have made us famous in the recruiting industry. These assets have led to an amazing selection of technology professionals, who allow us to create a remarkable experience for our clients.

    Our Process Adapt program offers a better understanding of your unique perspectives of quality so we can deliver a successful placement. After all, it's all about your perceptions, not ours.

    Your time is valuable, so we've combined human elements with technology. Our VideoSelect tool allows you to get to know candidates without ever leaving your seat. These pre-recorded interviews give you a quick glance that can save you hours on preliminary interview time.

    We know there are some IT professionals who aren't actively seeking new opportunities online. However, through networking with various associations, referrals, and proactive recruiting, we build relationships that can help us find the passive technology job seekers that you want.

  • Positions

    Ledgent Technology is prepared to meet a wide variety of needs in a range of categories. From Help Desk to DevOps, we've got you covered. Our skilled recruiters are well-networked among industry leaders and professional organizations.

    Here is just a sample of some of the positions and skill sets we provide every day for technology-driven organizations and IT departments:


    • Applications Development Manager
    • Applications Development Analyst
    • Business Analyst
    • Business Systems Analyst
    • Business Intelligence Analyst
    • Business Intelligence Developer
    • Database Developer
    • DevOps Engineer
    • Graphic Designer
    • Lead Applications Developer
    • Mobile Applications Developer
    • Principal Software Engineer
    • Product Manager
    • Quality Assurance Analyst
    • Quality Assurance Manager
    • Report Writer
    • Software Developer
    • Software Engineer
    • UX/UI Designer
    • Web Architect
    • Web Designer
    • Web Developer


    • Cloud Architect
    • Data Analyst
    • Data Scientist
    • Database Administrator
    • Desktop Support Specialist
    • Help Desk Manager
    • Help Desk Tier I/II/III
    • Network Administrator
    • Network Architect/Engineer
    • Network Manager
    • PC Technician
    • Security Engineer
    • Systems Administrator/Engineer


    • Chief Information/Technology Officer
    • IT Manager/Director
    • Program Manager
    • Project Coordinator
    • Project Manager
    • Technical Writer
    • VP of IT


    • Active Directory/Exchange
    • AJAX
    • C, C++ Programming
    • Cisco/Juniper/Nortel
    • CSS/HTML
    • Data Warehousing
    • Java / J2EE
    • JavaScript/JQuery/Bootstrap/Angular
    • LAN/WAN
    • MS Office
    • .NET / C# / ASP.NET / VB.NET
    • Oracle
    • PHP
    • Salesforce/ERP/Peoplesoft /SAP/ Oracle HRMS
    • SharePoint
    • SQL Server/MySQL
    • Sybase
    • TCP/IP
    • UNIX/Linux
    • XML/XSLT
  • Need specialized help with your upcoming tech initiatives?

    Ledgent Technology provides highly skilled, experienced contractors for your temporary and project-based needs.

    When your organization has a special project or initiative that requires a skilled team of tech professionals to get the job done, Ledgent Technology has the expertise and resources you need. Our experienced recruiters can quickly provide quality temporary talent to meet your unique requirements, enabling you to accomplish your goals without overstaffing your department, relying on overtime, or pulling your employees away from their regular assignments.

    • Save Time – Our robust database of tech professionals means we have contractors ready to work for you.
    • Scalability – No matter the size or scope of your project, we can provide a dynamic, fully scalable solution based on your evolving needs.
    • Expertise – Our pre-screened contractors have a wide range of in-demand skill sets to fulfill your requirements.
    • Focus – Bringing Ledgent Technology contractors in to work on a special initiative means your employees can remain focused and engaged in their regular work.
    • Reduce Costs – You won’t need to spend the time and money it takes to hire a full-time employee. We take care of the hiring process and provide employment benefits to our contractors.
    • Contract-To-Hire – If you are interested in growing your team but want to evaluate performance prior to making hiring decisions, bringing in Ledgent Technology contractors is a smart solution.
    • Confidence – We fully vet our contractors, including verification of education, prior experience, and employment references.

    Contact Ledgent Technology today to discuss your organization’s upcoming needs and how we can help you meet your goals.

  • Virtual Recruiting

    Technology is always changing and improving. You should expect no less from your recruiting firm! Doing more with less requires innovation… and that's why using traditional recruiting approaches to fill technology positions should be ancient history.

    Ledgent Technology's platform creates efficiency times two, meaning efficiency in hiring for you and internal efficiencies for us. In turn, we reduce your hard and soft hiring costs. Our virtual recruiting hub employs our proprietary VideoSelect technology allowing us to conduct live video interviews of candidates from their own home and send a video clip of the candidate to your email. Your time is valuable and VideoSelect allows you to screen candidates more efficiently than any other approach in the market.

    Nothing else means anything if we don't provide you the quality you desire. That's why we utilize the latest technologies to source, recruit, assess and place the most qualified professionals throughout the nation for your technology positions. Then, it's our job to adapt to your perceptions of quality with our proprietary Process Adapt and Ambassador Program®. Combined, you have the person with the skills you require, blending into your culture, and fully engaged to exceed your expectations.

    "We love to create remarkable experiences every person, every time.®" is our Company Promise. The future platform for technology recruiting needs to maximize quality, improve service, and reduce costs by combining the best in touch and technology. Ledgent Technology does just that!