We do more than just fill a position. We create positive change in organizations, change that lasts long after the contract ends.

Case Study #1

Differing hiring objectives among key client players

Challenge: A leading specialized tech company was in need of an engineer who could "code from cradle to grave." They were in need of a temporary employee for a very complex and very specific project. After sending out 3 qualified applicants, the client was still unsatisfied with their choices.

Solution: Their management team was in a disagreement about what the position required, Ledgent utilized the Process Adapt system to facilitate the conversation and reform the qualifications, expectations, and objectives of the position. Through this process, Ledgent was able to deliver an Ambassador that had strong experience developing the product they desired.

Results: The Ambassador created a design scheme of their current solutions, and prepared a strategy and a web-solution based prototype, all before his first interview. He was then hired as a high level consultant Ambassador, and was kept on for 9-10 months, totaling 1410 hours for the client. This Ambassador reduced the potential cost of the project by 40%, based on his ability to produce a prototype in less than a year. Ledgent has proceeded to place 9 Ambassadors at this location, 8 of whom have been converted to full-time employees.

Case Study #2

Extremely busy department head who wants to be involved in hiring process

Challenge: A global nonprofit needed a project manager who was not only qualified, was able to manage projects across departments, but was also passionate about the cause.

Solution: Ledgent again utilized the Process Adapt system, not just to understand the qualifications, but to understand the flow of their office and their individual company culture. The Ledgent team was able to deliver an Ambassador that was a huge advocate for their cause, as well as highly qualified and experienced.

Results: The Ambassador was able to increase overall efficiency by more than 35% with creative cloud solutions. The client was so pleased with the Ambassador, that they kept him on for 6 months longer than intended, where he was able to develop 4 more technologies for the organization.